February 5 total lunar eclipse astrology

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Read more. Leah Whitehorse - August 18, This is a total eclipse which will be visible across North America and is one of the most talked about eclipses in recent years given the aspects it makes Lunar Eclipse August — Artificial Intelligence. Leah Whitehorse - August 4, This is it! The most anticipated eclipse season for a very long time begins with this partial lunar eclipse.

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A lunar eclipse Leah Whitehorse - February 25, Instead of the Moon entirely blocking out the light of the Sun which occurs at a total eclipse, the smaller apparent diameter Lunar Eclipse in Leo February — Cue. Leah Whitehorse - February 5, As Leo often represents the entertainer, I feel like this eclipse Leah Whitehorse - September 13, The Lunar Eclipse in Pisces is an emotional high tide. It makes me think of being on a surfboard, scudding across a beast of a wave as the crest begins Big, bold, dramatic.

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Leo is naturally self-expressive, playful, and possesses leadership potential. For Leo, to be acknowledged and appreciated is vital to being healthy, vibrant, and trusting of their world.

Table of Eclipse Dates from 1994 to 2030

When Leo energy becomes distorted there can be an over dramatization of oneself, for the purpose of getting attention. All Full Moons create an opposition with the Sun; it sets up a polarity between the two signs. And both energies are important, and part of the gift this event provides. This Full Moon is a time to open up and express yourself. Share your feelings, with honesty and listen as well as you would like to be heard.

That healthy circle of expression and appreciation is true Leo fire energy. And to give that as well as receive, is the key.

Find a bit of quiet time and get in touch with what brings you joy. Enjoyment, pleasure, fun, provides needed release and balance to the busy, productive, hard working lives we live.


5 Zodiac Signs The July 12222 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Will Affect The Least

And especially in the times we live in; which can be stressful and full of sometimes dramatic change and upheaval. There are some other astrological aspects that are occurring and important during the time. This creates an even greater opportunity to find the courage to speak authentically from the heart, and to stand in our truth with courage and action.

Leo Full Moon Lunar Eclipse February 11, 2017 - Gregory Scott Astrology