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The following is one of several articles by David Frawley on Vedic and Tantric Mantras and their applications. The following ….

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The following … Read More. The Meaning Of Durga No country in the world demonstrates such enduring reverence for the Great Mother Goddess, as does I. Shankara, the Great Yogi Shankaracharya, or Adi Shankara the teacher, is one of the greatest spiritu. Discovering the Secret Power of Hanuman Hanuman endows us with the Atma-Shakti or self-power to realize our highest potential and acc.

Lord Shiva, among the great deities of Hinduism, most personifies the practice of Yoga. As Yogeshvar. Depression is becoming epidemic, particularly in the affluent Western world. It is afflicting young. Herbs for the Practice of Yoga 1: Introduction Ayurveda and Vedic Counseling: What is the Relationship? The British commander of Palestine sailed from Haifa at p. Several hours later, Iraq and the neighboring Arab states, Egypt, Jordan and Syria, invaded and attacked Jewish settlements.

Israel had prepared well and was able to stop the advance. The war was waged in three phases interrupted only by short periods of truce, or until 10th of March , with Israel signing armistice agreements with the belligerents. Israel suffered over 6, casualties and the Arabs between 7,,, including thousands of civilians on both sides. Israel had survived its first existential challenge.

The new horoscope for Israel. As none of these charts was found to either fit the natal potential, significant events in terms of periods and transits or yield repeat accurate predictions, we now consider the following data:. Importantly, the chart is relocated to Israel for the moment the UN plan was adopted 30 November , a. Based on long research and testing of horoscopes for Israel, it is the contention of this writer that Israel took its birth with the adoption of the UN of the Partition Plan for Israel.

The decision by the international community effectively gave birth to the new state, even if the apparatus and circumstances for operating it were not yet in place. While its name was declared as Israel, the name surprised few.

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Planning by the Israeli's had been ongoing for this eventuality and its repercussions for a very long time. The early termination of the Mandate by Britain partly reflects this reality. It suggests that the nation identifies strongly with its land. For Leo's, the Sun becomes a significator of vitality, intelligence, status, royalty and magnificence.

As a Leo with a strong Sun, the Israeli government and people are likely to be aware of their power, dominant, decisive and relish any positive attention they get. Sun is conjunct and combust 5th lord Jupiter in this house. This yoga aspect confers great intelligence, good discrimination, creativity, fortune, expansiveness and a pronounced religious sense to the nation. This strong and benevolent aspect strengthens and protects the office of the leader of the country.

From this place Rahu aspects the 1st house, adding an element of manipulation and diplomacy to the self image, and the 5th house of creativity and management. This placement reduces the strength of the 3rd house, as well as the 7th house of foreign policy and 11th house of income, goals and friends.

Sudden setbacks are possible in these areas of life. Mars as 9th lord of luck and foreign matters, is strong and well placed in the 1st house, giving an energetic quality to the self identity. The military and police are strong. Israeli men take pride in their masculine traits. This placement also gives status from words and actions. However, the conjunction of Ketu adds an energy of isolation and separation to this area of national life. Venus , as 3rd lord, is well placed in the 5th house, suggesting intelligent communication, a good art scene and creative women. With Moon , as a FM planet due to its lordship of the 12th house of losses in the 11th house in opposition aspect to Venus in the 5th house, there is also scope for the actions and proclamations of Israel to result in losses and even conflict, as well as in isolation and sudden explosive events due to the conjunction of Ketu with the MEP of the 3rd house.

The aspects of Rahu to the 5th house and Ketu to the 11th house are likely to amplify such problems. The chart thus paints a picuture of an entity that is inherently strong, but tends to do things assertively that provoke opposition and create problems in relation to other countries.

A t the birth of the state of Israel, the period of Mars-Sun period was operating. Both planets are in full strength, hence the UN decision represented a tremendous victory for the people of Israel associated with their deep desire to have their own homeland in the part of the world where they originated and their history was made.


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As 9th lord Mars is in the 1st house of self, and 1st lord Sun is in the 4th house, where it is conjunct 5th lord Jupiter, there is a great fortune seen in terms of connecting the self of the national identity with the land, and much resilience of the people tied to both Sun and Jupiter being religious planets. At the same time, there have been great challenges for Israel to develop, given the hostility of their neighbours, linked to 2nd lord Mercury being in 3rd house Libra, which is afflicted by the nodal axis and with 3rd lord Venus in the 5th house being afflicted by 12th lord Moon.

The sequence of major periods from the outset suggest the trend emphasis in the history. In the Rahu major period, Israel was embroiled in problems involving its outlook on life, so different from its neighbors. The Saturn period, however, was attended by difficulty. The Mercury period has also saw its share of challenges. Now the Ketu major period has started and it suggests concern by the Israelis linked to their land and actions, and relations with neighbors.

The Venus major period could also be contentious, but divine grace is seen associated with its auspicious dispositor Jupiter.

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  8. The Sun major period would also be very good, given reasonable transits. Jupiter period began on November 2 , Mercury period began on November 2 , Ketu period began on November 2 , Venus period begins on November 2 , Sun period begins on November 2 , Moon period begins on November 2 , Mars period begins on November 2 , Israel has been running the Ketu major period since November 2, , suggesting that the country is experiencing increasing isolation at this time, even if it has the staunch support of the US Trump administration.

    Perhaps the sense of isolation is due to the strong support of the USA, which itself is in a disagreement with regional powerhouse Iran over its nuclear weapons development and export of terrorism in the region. The Ketu - Venus period has been operating s ince April 1, At p. Israel Defense Forces launched retaliatory strikes, including at the Hamas leadership, killing 23 people.

    The transits seem compelling for the crisis, with sub-period lord 3rd lord Venus in the 8th house of obstacles. The fact that it is natally in the 5th house under aspect from 12th lord Moon in the 11th house, suggest losses during the operation of its period. Morevoer, transit Rahu in the 11th house MEP is in aspect to natal 2nd lord Mercury in the 3rd house MEP, brining out the manipulations involving close neighbors.

    Indeed, Hamas launched a sudden attack on Israel. Finally, transit 7th lord Saturn is closely conjunct transit Ketu, suggesting sudden, even explosive upsets for foreign relations. An analysis of other significant historical events will be covered at a later date. Embassy in Israel was moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, on the 70 anniversary of Israel's establishment. Some major developments are likely to take place, as discussed below.

    In March , the Indian astrologer and author, V. Choudhry issued the following warning about world wide difficulty in The period between May, , to October, , is likely to be very difficult. It is likely to be a time of incidence of far reaching economic reversal.

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    5. Many parts of the world will be vulnerable to natural calamities in the form of earthquakes of high intensity, storms, nuclear catastrophe, international military operations, tsunami type problems, threat of a pandemic situation, political problems, disasters, etc. It may be a type of war-like situation for some countries.

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      Large number of fatalities are likely. Those countries will be more vulnerable whose ascending degree is between 23 to The Saturn major period, which imbued the national life with the 'death-like' fears of the " Cold war " was operating. At that time, the conjunction took place in the sign Capricorn in the benefic 7th house, where it was conjunct Mercury, a planet in good strength in the chart. Fortunately, the nuclear stand-off did not lead to a nuclear conflagration, which would have resulted in mass fatalities of an unknown scale.

      The problems will be more with Saturn as 8th lord of obstacles and endings becoming conjunct functional malefic Ketu on top of natal Venus, ruling the 4th house of communal harmony, in the 6th house of conflict. This suggests a major upheaval in the communal harmony of the USA, which may involve ordinary Americans, not least the working poor, rejecting the yoke of corporate exploitation, political corruption and media disinformation. People may rally in defense of a weakened President, beleaguered by political machinations in Congress.

      Democrats hate Trump's guts A likely scenario for the expression of this conflictual and disturbing energy would be the political conflict over the revolutionary policies of President Trump. Indeed, while his opponents focus on Trump's flaws as a human being, the main objection is to his policies to help ordinary Americans at the expense of the powerful globalised corporations.

      Indeed, after cooperating to pass traditional Republican policies, like tax cuts and deregulation, they abandoned the President before reforming trade and immigration had been accomplished. After being denied the Presidency at the ballot box in , the Democrats appear intent on wresting back control of the political domain in , possibly by seeking to impeach a President they perceive as "lawless" or "out of control".

      Such a course of action would be likely to prompt a violent reaction among Trump's voters. Other scenarios are possible and the development could involve a natural disaster, a major industrial or pollution accident, a deadly illness, a terrorist attack on US soil or a sudden outbreak of war with heavy involvement of the USA. What seems beyond doubt is that whatever the event, it will likely result in mass deaths and death-like experiences, and be of a quantum that shocks the national psyche. The peak intensity is expected from May to October Below is an elaboration of individual aspects, sometimes overlapping, with commentary of likely influences.

      The prediction highlights the emphasis of the Systems' Approach on the influence of the 'invisible' moon's nodes , Rahu and Ketu, especially when stationary, hovering over a given degree for up to three months at a time. Before the transits are examined in detail, let us first consider the planets, signs and houses involved and what indications they represent. A major challenge of any prediction is to signal the most likely indications to be triggered - as the discussion of the above scenarios indicates.

      Indeed, each planet, sign and house has many possible, albeit logically consistent indications. This is also known as multivalence, a special feature of astrology. It means that each element may find expression through several indications that have an affinity through a shared nature. The following indications will likely be involved in the coming events. It also rules low technology industry and mining.